Friday, February 27, 2009

Spoiled baby!

Well, February is finally OVER!! I'm so glad. February really drags on for me every year. We've kept busy though, and had some fun visits from Rebecca's aunts. My sister Heidi came up on Valentine's day and stayed with Rebecca while we went out to dinner, which was so nice! I loved not feeling rushed and only having to feed myself and not cleaning up a mess afterwards. Thanks Heidi! I gave Rebecca these sunglasses for Valentines day and she loves to wear them. Here is the rabbit Heidi brought Rebecca for V. day. She carries it all over the house saying, "hop, hop!"
Then last weekend, Seth's sister Kerstin came up and she bought Rebecca her first pets...five goldfish! Rebecca was sooooo excited, and even still she asks to see them all day and constantly reminds me to feed them. Maybe we fed them too much because now, a week later, we are down to only one fish. So sad.

Every night before going to sleep, she has to kiss her fish goodnight. It's a new stalling technique she has come up with lately. She always asks for a book, a song, a kiss, a drink, some chapstick, and now to kiss the fish.

We went to a fun Valentine's party at the church. Here is Rebecca and all her loot! I loved filling out the Valentines! It made me feel like a little kid again. Holidays are so much better with kids around. It really is a second childhood for me, having Rebecca, and experiencing all these fun things again, and I love it!

Here's my little Valentine decorating cookies and Valentine bags. I love you, Rebecca!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flower Power

I bought these gerber daisies at the craft store a year or so ago, and I've been saving them to put in a vase in Rebecca's room someday when we finished it. Well, the room is finished and I am now seeing that there is no room for a vase of huge daisies, and Rebecca would probably break the vase anyway. So I was sad this little decoration that I had originally thought would be so cute was not going to happen after all. I love gerber daisies, we had them at our wedding. They are so bright and colorful and cheerful to me.

Well! Rebecca and her cute little friend found the flowers and found a use for them. They turn on our keyboard which plays obnoxiously loud music (100 songs) and DANCE, waving the flowers around and laughing. This entertains them for quite a while actually and it is so funny to watch. They like them so much that I made a non-breakable vase by duct-taping 2 big food storage cans together and painting it. The flowers sit in there and are decorative AND they are useful too! The girls LOVE to play with them, it's so cute.
Those flowers are making me happy with their many uses and reminding me of spring...can't wait!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, it's snowing again today so I thought I'd blog about it for a while. Here is Rebecca watching Seth shovel. She loved walking in the paths he would make. Then Seth took her sledding in our back yard. She fits perfectly in our little sled. Too bad she hated it. Next year will be better, I hope!
Rebecca saying...LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

If anyone would like to buy this house, it would make our day. No, it would make our lives!!! Seriously, if you know anyone looking for a house in the $238,000 range...let me know. It's a beautiful home, on one acre in Rigby. 4000 square feet, granite, 3 car garage, half finished basement, built by my's a really nice house.

Hooray!! One month of school down for Seth! I am so grateful for him and all he does to support our little family-school full time and work full time. I feel like a single parent, except on Sundays, but that is just how it is for a while. I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with our little girl and take care of her and our home. I love it!
So, we never see Seth- literally- but on this one day a few weeks ago, he came home and said he had a surprise for me. He took Rebecca into her room and after a while he called to me and I came in. They were both dressed in black, and he had a plate of black jelly beans, chocolate covered raisins, and black licorice, and chocolate milk to drink. He said,"Happy Martin Luther King Day!! We are going to celebrate the blacks." I laughed so hard. We ate all our black stuff and then he went downstairs to do homework, and I continued laughing all night. Funny Seth. I'm always telling him we need to celebrate holidays and have more traditions. I guess he listened to me. I'm glad he took a minute to make me laugh.

Friday, February 6, 2009

One month closer to SPRING!!!

I'm so tired of winter! I know we need the snow, but I feel so cooped up at times. So, I've been trying new hairstyles on Rebecca, and I've decided Sesame Street was sent from heaven. WOW. She sits so still while I experiment and play with her hair. The only problem is that I have to do her hair at least 4 times a day. She rips it all out and the worst part is that she puts these tiny rubber bands around her wrists after ripping them out of her hair. She does this as she is falling asleep, and a few days ago she woke up during her nap screaming and I went in there to find 2 of her fingers bright red with a rubber band wrapped tightly around them. OUCH! It's a dilemma I not do her hair, or keep doing it? I kind of have to though, because it all grows straight forward, so if I leave it, it's all in her eyes. Hopefully she'll just grow out of this stage of ripping out the hairdos, and SOON! Because it's so cute when it's all done! I love my little girlie!! Ok, In this picture, if you can't tell ;) the front two pieces are in the shape of hearts. Since it is February! I tried to get a front view, but once again, no cooperation for picture time. Sigh.I hope these next few pictures will bring smiles to the ones we love. We are thinking of you and miss you!

This just made me laugh...I guess she got tired of trying to get her clothes off during nap time (this was after she ripped her hair apart of course) so she gave up and went to sleep.

Rebecca is all ready to go to Nursery for the first time! She's so grown up, not our little baby anymore. She loves Nursery, and the leaders say that she talks the most out of all the kids in there. She does have lots to say, and we are glad other people can understand her too.

Here are some sweet pictures from a few weeks ago. Rebecca was rocking all her babies. And telling them every letter she knows. It was cracking me up.

She still loves this shirt, and walks around with her hands in the pockets, saying "pockets, pockets."