Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We went to the zoo while my mom was here visiting a few weeks ago. Rebecca was soooo excited to be there and ran everywhere talking to all the animals. It was a great day and even waited to rain until we were leaving the zoo. (It has rained here most days this month)
Looking at Grandma's favorites...the peacocks!

Rebecca was so excited to see the monkeys.

And some other pics from the past month...finally warm enough to wear summer clothes in this one!

Rebecca had a fun sleepover with her cousins last weekend. Here they are feeding the ducks.

Emilee is the handstand pro. She is teaching Rebecca how it's done.

Watching a movie. They finally all fell asleep at 11:30! Probably my fault for feeding them full of sweets. I just can't help spoiling my darling nieces though! It's been a fun summer so far.
We went and flew Rebecca's Elmo kite. It was so fun and worked so well! It was a perfect day for kite flying and Rebecca loved watching Elmo fly around.
Doing it herself! She's getting so independent.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun in MAY!

While I am getting ready in the mornings, I usually put Rebecca in this little dance outfit and she runs around the house dancing and singing. She is adorable! And I LOVE IT when she entertains herself...very rare these days :)

We planted our garden and some flowers in the front. Rebecca was a big help! If you call playing in the dirt helpful. Here she is digging with her little shovel.

Trying on mom's gloves.

And here is Rebecca drinking - I mean helping me water the flowers!

Here she is looking for mail in her little mailbox.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Heidi sent her some love letters! She was so happy!!! Thank you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hooray for Vacation!

The last vacation we went on (excluding to visit family) was 3 years ago, so it was time!!! Seth hasn't had a Saturday off all year, so it was so nice to finally spend a real weekend together and go somewhere we've never been. We went to Hagerman, over by Twin Falls. It was actually a really cool place! We had a great time and saw some really beautiful scenery. Here we are on a hike with signs about Idaho fossils.At the Hagerman Fossil Museum...the Hagerman Horse. (Idaho State Fossil)
Malad Gorge...the picture does not do it justice. It was a looonnnggg way down! Kind of scary!

Random alligator farm out in the middle of nowhere. Kind of funny, alligators in Idaho. We think they were asleep or fake, they never moved and didn't appear to even breathe.

Rebecca was so good, we were in the car so much. She was especially good whenever she found the bag of Doritos.

There were a lot of trout hatcheries in this area. Most of them had no fish in them though. I guess it's the wrong time of year to see the hatcheries. Oh well. We did see a lot of sturgeons at one hatchery though. They are huge! Rebecca loved looking at them

We went to Balanced Rock, which was awesome, and hiked up to it and all around it. It was really fun!

You can kind of see my head...I'm out there on one of the huge rocks.
A nice cave to relax in for a minute!

Niagara Springs. So Beautiful!!