Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbye January!

Aside from a quick trip to Utah, January was a pretty boring month...I can't say I'll miss it when it's gone in a few days. Here are a few pictures from the month though.... Seth was gone putting up Christmas lights in Jackson on New Year's Eve (Random and weird, yes.) So Cinderella and I had our own party. She couldn't blow hard enough for the noisemaker to make noise, so she went around making her own noise. Much confetti was thrown. Happy New Year.
We made cookies. Rebecca loves to help. I went to fold a load of laundry and thought she was watching a movie. No. She was shoving as many cookies in her mouth as she could before she was discovered.

Better to get out the camera sometimes than get mad, huh?

I'm not too fond of the snow, but thought I should be a good mom and take my kid out to play in it. But every time I ask Rebecca if she wants to go out and play in the snow, she makes me so happy by saying, "No, it's too cold." So she doesn't want to...I'm fine with that! Well, one day when I wasn't babysitting, I thought, we need some fresh air! So I dragged her out there (she of course informed me that it is too cold,) and then stood there while I walked through the snow and showed her how cool snowballs are. She was unimpressed. I wrote her name in the snow. She ignored it, but started eating some snow. I got out her sled and pulled her around the yard. After she fell out of it 3 times, she said, "Mommy, let's go inside now." Well, at least I tried. There's always next year for fun in the snow! This year she is not a fan. She is definitely my kid!

And these two....they are so funny. This week, they have had so much fun making necklaces. Usually we make it out of fruit loops, but today since we were talking about the color yellow in our little preschool, we made star and circle necklaces. I'm really impressed with how good they can thread things onto yarn. It takes them a while, but that's keeps their little hands busy, in a good way! Now if I could ever get them to BOTH cooperate and look at me for a picture.

Rebecca informed me she was done with picture taking and wanted to go swing in the basement instead. Calista agreed.

This is one of Rebecca's cheesy faces lately, she usually does it when I've caught her climbing (her favorite thing to do lately).

Funny girls. I Can't wait for February...I've been working on some fun crafty decorations and shirts for Rebecca. Plus it is one month closer to spring, my favorite season!