Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun in March

Well, March is almost over! What a fun month it has been. We had a fun St. Patrick's Day...here is Seth the Leprechaun, and Rebecca in her festive shirt.Here are my lovely glasses I wear every year. Rebecca's not too sure what to think. She'll be begging to wear them next year, I'm sure. :)
I invited some friends over and the little girls played while we made a GREEN lunch! It was great-green pancakes, green eggs, green grapes, and cookies and brownies with green frosting.

The girls loved it...kind of!

But they did have fun playing together.

And, here are some other things that we did this month. Rebecca needed to blow her nose, I guess. When I came into the room, here is what I found!

My little sweetheart. Rebecca is 20 months old and getting smarter all the time. She is talking so well. She sings along with me when I sing to her. She can count to 10 by herself. She is learning her colors and right now, everything is black or yellow when I ask her. She is so fun and I love to be with her every day.

Rebecca and I went to Utah to visit my parents and had a great time. We were able to go to the Draper Temple open house, which I loved. What a beautiful temple. I feel so blessed to have been able to be there and feel the spirit of that special place.

The days are finally getting warmer and we've been able to play outside more. Rebecca loves her bus and bike and the slides and swings. One day we played outside with friends for almost 4 hours, and it was sooooo nice! I can't wait to do that more.

If I would let her, this is how Rebecca would be dressed every day...no pants and wearing her fancy white Sunday shoes. She wore these shoes to the grocery store a few days ago. Funny girl, already has an opinion on what she wants to wear. It cracks me up.

TIP TOES! Rebecca LOVES music and I have gotten used to this loud piano being on all day and my little girl dancing around to the music. It's funny when people come over and ask if we can turn it down...I don't even notice that it's loud and obnoxious anymore!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some more pics for our family...

Whoa, closeup! Rebecca is getting to be a good little helper! She takes her dirty clothes to the laundry basket every night.
She even SLEEPS with her hands in her pockets!

Her hair is finally long enough for two french braids and I love it! If only it would last (sigh)

Spaghetti face!

Elmo is on every morning at 10:40 and Rebecca doesn't let me forget it!