Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer fun

We have had such a busy and fun month! Here is the table Rebecca's grandparents gave her for her birthday. She's having a tea party with Elmo and Baby Kate. She LOVES her little table, it is so perfect!
Having a pillow fight with Daddy. Daddy won...Rebecca just sat there and laughed while he threw pillows on her over and over again. It was funny.

Here we are at the Youth Jam. Rebecca was so fun this year, doing all the little art projects.

They had some Mexican singers/dancers and Rebecca ran right up in front of the stage and danced around with these little girls. Rebecca just can't help herself - whenever she hears music, she has got to dance! It's too cute.

Daddy finished Rebecca's sandbox. Here is her first look.

She LOVES it!!! What a fun addition to our back yard.
We went to Utah and surprised my parents. It was fun to show up without them knowing. We had a good few days together. Here we are at the water fountain at the Gateway Mall.

Rebecca loves her Grandpa-when he had to leave to go ride the train at work, Rebecca said she wanted to go with him and sit on his lap. Here she is giving him lots of kisses!

With Grandma and Grandpa.

What cute Grandparents! They did all the things with Rebecca that she loves...went to the park, 2 pet stores, and out for ice cream. She was in heaven. It's so fun to visit Grandma and Grandpa!

After visiting my parents, we went and stayed with my friend Kathy who is living with her parents in Bear Lake until she moves to Oregon next week. What an awesome place her parents have!!! Check out this view from their house. It was beautiful.

Rebecca and her friend Elli. They were so happy to be together again. Such cute girls.

Goodbye Kathy and Elli! We'll miss you!
When we got home, Seth had a surprise for us! He started the BIG project . . . . THE BATHROOM!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! I've hated our bathroom since the day I first saw it. Our tub was a cast iron nasty thing that was one of a kind but not in a good way. Oh I hated it. IT IS GONE! And we have a normal tub now! I spent hours dusting and cleaning all the lathe and plaster dust, yuck. But we are on our way to finally having a normal bathroom, and then the entire upstairs will be DONE. Finally! So we are excited, however, having a bathroom under construction and potty training is not a good combination, just in case anyone was wondering :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rebecca, Rebecca, and more Rebecca

July was such a fun month...get ready for picture overload! Here is the sweet new cherry dress from Grandma W. Thanks! It's so cute on her. I bribed her to actually look at the camera with these strawberries...they are her favorite :)

Rebecca has LOVED her little pool. She plays in it most afternoons.

I started potty training a week ago, using the 3 day potty training book (Thanks, Darla!) I know she gets what she is supposed to do, it's just deciding whether or not to do it! She makes it about half the time and we are pretty proud of her! She'll get it down completely...soon I hope! She is such a big girl, and so proud of herself in her Elmo underwear. It's so cute. But without a diaper, all her clothes seem so big on her now. She's such a little girl.

See her Elmo stickers on her potty chart-she loves them!
Washing hands is her favorite part.

I gave her a Cinderella sticker book as a reward and she put the stickers all over herself, arms and legs included. Then she put some on her doll. I am still picking up stickers all over the house. Funny girl.

Seth took the past week off work, since he hasn't had a day off (including Saturdays) all year. He cleaned up both sides of our yard, which were both horrible-overgrown trees, and all kinds of other junk. He built Rebecca a sandbox and some garden boxes for us and a window well. It all looks so good. Oh, and all the endless shoveling of rocks. It's almost done, we love a good project and it's been a while since we've been able to do anything.

Rebecca was Daddy's little helper

Here is the John Deere dress that Aunt Kerstin made for Rebecca's birthday. SOOOO CUTE! WE LOVE IT!!

We went to Ross Park in Pocatello to swim and had such a great time! Who knew I had such a water baby....last year, she screamed in the water so I was a little nervous to go, but this year she loved it and I am so glad! She even went down this slide a few times.

Calista and Rebecca-so cute together!
Rebecca got this wagon for her birthday and she loads it up every day with her favorite things of the day and pulls it around the house all day long. She loves it. When I can't find something, sometimes MY stuff, I just look in her wagon.

The Elmo backpack. She wears this most days, and it is a crack up. We think it is so cute on her.

When I bring out the camera, this is what Rebecca does. Great, huh?

Or, she comes up to me and says, "Mommy, I hug you!" Which is her way of getting me to stop whatever I'm doing and pick her up. How can I resist?!?!?

Family Reunions

Well, July was the month of family reunions!! Here we are in Utah on the 4th of July for my Family reunion. Rebecca was in no mood for pictures, as usual, so here are the best ones. It was so fun to see my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who I don't see very often. We had a great time together!
Then over the week of the 24th, we went to Bancroft for Seth's family reunion. What a great time we had! We camp at the farm, and it's so nice to have such a beautiful place to be, plus I won't lie...I liked having nice bathrooms and a kitchen to use. This is the way to camp! We went to Bear Lake one day, it was a perfect day and we had the best time there.

Rebecca located her cousin's princess chair and quickly claimed it as hers.

The water was warm...ish and so shallow. Just perfect for the kids to play in. Here we all are.

Grandma gave out such fun prizes every day at the Ol' Fishin' Hole.

Rebecca pushing Elmo on the swing.

We had such fun every we watched Nim's Island outside, and the next night we had our own fireworks was AWESOME

And of course, the 24th of July! Bancroft seems a little bigger on this day, because of all the people that come. We went to the breakfast and the parade, and played games at the farm that afternoon. It was so fun to be together, we love our families!!!