Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Baby

I can not believe how fast Rebecca can make a mess!! WHEW-she is a little whirlwind, into everything.

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS FOR NAP TIME!!! (So that I can clean it all up for her to do her work again when she wakes up.)

And, to end with, here is a funny Rebecca story. Seth has been calling Rebecca Booga Booga ever since she was born. He'll pop around corners and say "Booga" to scare her and stuff like that. She LOVES it and laughs whenever we say Booga. Kind of a funny little nickname for her. Anyway, last week Rebecca started saying Booga Booga, and it is so funny. Not surprising, since she has heard it so much in her life, but it cracks me up that this was her 4th word she learned how to say (after Da Da, Ma Ma, and HI).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!

Well, I can hardly believe it, but my little Dolly turned one on Saturday. What an amazing year it has been. I love being Rebecca's mother more than words can say. Every day is wonderful and fun, watching my sweet baby discover the world. Everything is new to her, and it is like a second childhood for me. It is so much fun to see things as if they are new. I don't know how I ever lived without Rebecca! One of the biggest blessings in my life right now is that I get to be home with her. I don't miss a moment of her beautiful childhood, and she is getting more fun all the time!We had a party for Rebecca on Saturday in our back yard. WHEW!! 2 party weekends in a row in our back yard! It was fun to plan out and prepare for them though, and I love to have family at our house. We have a good time together. I'm grateful to have wonderful families that love and support us, and whose company we enjoy. I wish we lived closer and could do this more often. We want to thank everyone who came from so far to be with us on Rebecca's first birthday. It means so much to us!!

This is the fish cake my mom and I decorated for Rebecca. It turned out so darling!

Rebecca was spoiled by everyone!! She received so many nice gifts. Thanks everyone for helping to make this day so special and fun!! Even though she won't remember it...we will tell her all about it!! It was a really fun day.
We love our Becca Boo, she is the joy of our lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

4th of JULY!!

What a fun day this was! I bought this little dress for Rebecca months ago, I thought it was so darling and had to have it. I love the 4th of July and I love my country. I truly am proud to be an American. This month I am memorizing all 3 verses of "The Star Spangled Banner." I think the words are beautiful and powerful and I know God truly has made and preserved our nation. I have always loved the 4th of July and I love how Idaho Falls goes all out on this day. There are so many fun things to do here.
Seth's parents came up to be with us all day on the 4th, which was a fun surprise. Rebecca loved being with them and we had a great day together.
I got all festive and painted Rebecca's and my toenails. It was hard to do hers, because they are so small, but it turned out so cute!!

And of course, I had to make her some holiday hairbows. I loved how these looked. I had a bunch of random ribbon, and I didn't know how I wanted it to look. Seth suggested I try to make them look like fireworks. So I tried, and I don't know if they really do, but they are cute anyway!!


Rebecca at the parade...she was so cute waving and clapping all the time. It was a good parade! And we had awesome seats in the shade! The parade comes right at the bottom of our street, very convenient and we walked to the river at night too to watch the fireworks, which were spectacular as always!! Rebecca watched them so good and pointed at them. I was worried she'd be tired and cranky, but she was so good all day. We had a lot of family up for a BBQ in our back yard, which was a lot of fun. And we blasted of lots of fireworks after dinner in the parking lot across from our house. It was such a fun day!