Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready for SPRING!!!

Well, I can't believe February is over already. It has been quite a busy month around here. We bought the house that Seth is building, since our construction loan needed to be repaid and no one had bought it yet. So now we own two homes which is kind of scary! Seth is just doing the finishing touches on the house and cleaning it and then it will be finished! It is a beautiful home and I hope it will sell soon. The market has been a bit slow lately, so we are trying to do lots of little extras in this house to make it more appealing.
We have sure had a lot of snow this winter. I can't remember the last time we had this much. I've stayed inside as much as possible, I know a lot of people that have had colds/flu and I just want Rebecca to stay healthy. So far it has paid off-she has not been sick at all so far. I'm really getting tired of winter lately though. Spring is my favorite time of the year. All the beautiful colors after the miserable white winter. I can't wait! I really want to start walking again too, I loved walking last fall, we have some really nice parks here, and a walking path around the river. I've been exercising at home, but I'm ready to get outside!
I am now in the Primary presidency in my ward. It is a fun calling, I really enjoy being there with all the kids. Seth teaches the 7-8 year olds, so he is there with me too. Rebecca loves other kids, she smiles and babbles at them. This calling is sure a lot of work though. It keeps me busy!
Rebecca is as fun and busy as ever. She is growing so much lately. She seems so tall to me. She sits up so well and is eating her fruits and veggies really well! When she is done eating, she shakes her head really fast. She has learned to imitate things we do, like Seth's fake sneeze and laughs and different sounds. This week, her favorite thing to say is DA DA. She gets so excited when Seth comes home. She will NOT keep her shoes or socks on her feet. She is discovering her hairbows and bracelts lately, so who knows how long that will last. We have hardwood floors in our house and she has started pushing herself backwards while laying on her stomach. Who needs to crawl when you can just slide! She discovered her wrists a few weeks ago and now she waves. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen-the way she waves. She also claps her hands and screeches. It's so funny. I play this little piggy with her toes and when I finish, she holds up her foot for me to do it again. She is such a precious baby and we love being her parents. Here are some pictures from this month:
Pigtails for the first time-so cute!

This is a rare occurrance lately. Rebecca doesn't take naps anymore. She falls asleep and if it lasts 20 minutes, I'm lucky! But she's so cute when she's asleep, she always puts her hands behind her head like this.

This was funny-Rebecca wasn't too thrilled about her fruits and veggies at first, and Seth wanted to see what she'd do with Salt and Vinegar chips-just for a laugh. Well....she loved it. She really did, it looked like we were feeding her the sweetest thing! So she is taking after her daddy on this, he loves chips. He was quite proud-forget the fruit, bring on the chips!!!

Seth saw this trick on the internet before Rebecca was born and decided to try it with our baby when she got old enough. I was hoping he'd forget. It scares me! But only the first few times, now I love it. Rebecca stands on Seth's hand and balances. She laughs and babbles and smiles so big like she is so proud of herself. It is pretty cute. She is strong!

I put Rebecca in the snow for the first time, just to show it to her. She was so cute. She couldn't decide if she liked it or not.

We are doing really well, things are good. I'm so glad it's MARCH tomorrow!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Things...

Before Rebecca was born, I thought our little house was just the perfect size for the two of us. Our house was built in 1928 and is 800 square feet on each level. The basement is not finished. We have 2 bedrooms, so basically a bedroom and an office. I had no idea how much STUFF you need when you have a baby. Wow. So since Rebecca has joined our family, our house has gotten even smaller it seems. Our office is done in an American theme. Now I'm thinking I should have painted it pink, but oh well! Good thing babies don't care what their bedroom looks like! Rebecca finally got her own room! We were holding off putting up the crib, because of how crowded we already are, but it's ok now. We moved the computer out to the living room and I don't think it looks too bad!

We also gave Rebecca her first solid food recently. It has been so much fun to feed her, she makes the funniest faces.

The first time we fed her rice cereal, she couldn't get enough! She had to hold on to the spoon and the bowl.