Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chasing Rebecca

Well, now that I have figured out how to blog again, I can't resist! 2 days in a row. Here are some more pictures from the past while. We put Rebecca in a swing for the first time. She liked it ok, but it was one of those frozen days in May when it looked nice outside, but really it was freezing cold. We'll have to try it again now that summer has arrived! This lasted about 20 seconds, then we were so cold we left. At least I was cold! I don't think Seth has ever been cold in his life. Or else he just doesn't admit it! This is my life lately...saving my possessions from being ripped apart, slobbered on, or marked by tiny razor sharp teeth. I thought it would take Rebecca way longer to figure out how to get the little glass thing under the TV to open and get to my DVDs. No such luck. She is very observant, and she watched me do it once, and now she is a pro. And not only that, she also can get the case to my DVDs open so that she can suck and chew on the actual DVD. All my DVD cases also have teeth marks on the plastic covers. Very attractive.
While I was cleaning the bathroom on this day, and I THOUGHT Rebecca was in her room playing with toys, suddenly I heard a crash. I ran into the kitchen and there she was playing in the dirt. I was pretty sad, because Spike (yes, the plant has a name) is the first plant I have managed to keep alive for longer than 6 months my entire married life. So, Spike is no more, and neither is the table he was on. It went to the basement. This incident inspired me to REALLY baby-proof my house. Rebecca is quick and into everything!!!

Seth's sister gave us this little bike for Rebecca. It is the perfect size for her, and she loves to scoot back and forth on it. She was so happy until...well, you'll see...

At least she fell on the grass!!! And last, here is another funny Rebecca story. My mom had some chocolate covered pretzels in a box on the floor. We were busy scrapbooking and didn't notice for a while that Rebecca found the pretzels and decided to have a little snack. I don't think she's ever had chocolate before this, but as you can see, she's a true woman and she loves it! That's my girl! It made a really big mess, but we laughed.

Oh, one more. See the red phone in Rebecca's hand? Of course she wouldn't do it so I could get a picture, but she holds it up to her ear and babbles. She's so smart! How did she know that is a phone??? I think she watched her little cousins playing with it and just remembered that's what you're supposed to do with it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Computer Genius!!

WHEW!! I'm BACK! I have not blogged for nearly 2 months, not because I didn't want to, but because our computer has had PROBLEMS. There are some really evil people out there who just want to ruin people's computers for no reason. We clicked on something, who knows what started it all, and ended up with horrible viruses and a lot of bad stuff popping up on the computer. It was really slow, pointless to even turn it on, so finally we broke down and paid to have it repaired. WELL...everything on our hard drive was erased. All our typed up documents are gone, our music is gone...thank goodness I had all the pictures on discs, but I'm a little mad about it all. And scared it might happen again! Anyway..our computer is still not the same and it took me 30 minutes just now to fugure out how to put a picture on my blog, but I DID IT!! That's why I'm feeling like a computer genius at the moment! Most of the time I am a computer idiot! OK, on to what we've been up to... here is Seth's birthday, I gave him a little chair to put on his bike and ride Rebecca all over town. Doesn't she just look so thrilled about it? She LOVES it though, we took her on a bike ride around our neighborhood a few nights ago, and she is so cute. This was on one of the few nice days in May. I put Rebecca on the grass, she wasn't too sure about it at first, but we had fun eventually playing in the dandelions before Seth got out there and killed them all. We had a lot! But our yard has been whipped into shape over the past month. We have flowers in the front and a little garden popping up in the back. I love our cute little yard. Rebecca hangs out there with Seth in the evenings, it is so nice and shady at night.

Here is me and my little dolly on my first Mother's Day! I love being Rebecca's mother. I feel so blessed I get to hang out with her all day every day. She is my sweet little friend and she makes me laugh all day. Especially lately! I'll do another blog soon about all the stuff she is doing lately. She gets around, and quick! She keeps me on my toes, and I love it. She is so smart and is learning so many new things.