Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I think SPRING is really here!!!

Well, it is May already. I always mean to update my blog more often, but life is so busy. I think spring may actually have arrived. At least I hope it has, because I put all of mine and Rebecca's winter clothes away today. She is wearing 12 month size clothes, it always makes me a little sad to put away clothes that are too small for her. She is growing and changing so fast. Here we are a few weeks ago, all ready for church. Rebecca loves to stand up lately

And I'm having trouble getting her to take naps at the times she used to, so I'll take whatever I can get-even if it's in her high chair for 20 minutes! (this happens a lot lately)

And I am not happy to report that this also happens a lot lately. See the nice couches we got from my parents because they got new ones? Now see the part where there is a little rip? Rebecca gets around quite well lately, she scoots herself backwards and around in circles. Her toys do not interest her as much as lint or dirt on the floor or the FUZZ IN THE COUCH!!! She pulls it out and eats it. You can't really see it hanging out of her mouth, but trust me, it is.
And she has a fistfull of fuzz also. Doesn't she just look so proud of herself? Little stinker. :)
Rebecca still loves her bathtime, she gets so excited when I put her in her little tub with her friend, the rubber duck.

We had a FEW nice days in May, these next pics are from one nice Saturday, we were so excited that we didn't even have to wear jackets.
Rebecca was loving being with Daddy. She gets so excited when he comes home from work. His new job is going really well...he got to hire his own crew and they work really good together. The house still hasn't sold, but the market is picking back up and we've had a few people look lately, so that's a good sign.

One thing Seth does lately is take Rebecca downstairs with him when he goes to get the laundry. He puts her in the basket with the clothes. She loves it.

Rebecca is trying to crawl! She just can't seem to get the one leg under her. And if she does, then she just goes onto her stomach and pushes herself backwards, as usual. But I think any day now, she will take off. I'm enjoying my last few days of not chasing her around!

And I just have to show off the cute magnet board I made for Rebecca. I had so much fun making it with Kerstin, I love getting all crafty together. We were so proud of ourselves for making these!