Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabulous Fall

Here are a few pictures from the past month. Fall is officially here, and I am loving it! The weather has been just beautiful and Rebecca and I have been spending lots of time outside. Here is my new favorite picture of her. And these next two pics are just for my mom. Thanks for the cute outfit! Too bad it's too cold to wear anymore :(

Rebecca loves the swings. I take her to the park most day and it is so cute to hear her laugh and make "wheeeee" sounds.

Rebecca at 14 months old.

And, the messes continue. Seth and I are finally finishing Rebecca's room. We got the new window put in and are working on the sheetrock. Rebecca got into the mud and decided to see how it tastes. YUCK!! She sure looks happy though!
THANK YOU to my wonderful parents for coming up to watch Rebecca while I helped the kids do their parts in the Primary Program. I must say, I am really glad the program is over! The practices were a bit stressful, but the kids pulled through in the end and did a great job. I was really pleased with it. Children have the spirit with them so strongly and I always look forward to the primary program. I've just never been involved with it like this before. It sure is easier to just sit in the audience and enjoy! I really do appreciate my parents coming up to support me though. They are fabulous!!!

So, Rebecca will be 15 months old this coming Sunday. I practice with her many times a day, but she has NO confidence when it comes to walking. She does great as long as I'm holding her hands. She is a SMART baby though, I'm not worried. She's a late walker, I guess, but it will come! Here we are practicing in the back yard.

Here we are walking and playing at the park with Samuel, Rebecca's best buddy. They are SO cute together. They always get so excited to see each other.

I would like to join Clancy in acknowledging the fabulousness in my life this Friday!
1-Seth has been so sweet and helpful to me this week. I love him so much.
2-Rebecca had a fever this week of 104.5 Then she had a scary rash all over her face and body for 3 days. Who knows what it all meant, but it is gone now. She also ate next to nothing for 5 days. She is back to normal and I'm so grateful. Having a sick baby is so hard.
3-I've been thinking of how I could save some extra money each month because I really feel we need to have some food storage. I was sad because I didn't see how I could do it without it taking a year or more before I got a decent amout of food storage. But, I thought small steps are better than nothing. So I started. Then a few days ago, Seth's parents gave us A TON of food storage. We are set for a while. What a blessing and an answer to my prayers. THANK YOU Mom and Dad Wistisen, we appreciate this soooo much!!
4-It's going to snow this weekend and I have a nice warm cozy house to stay in.
5-We are finally working on Rebecca's room! I love a good project. Our entire house has been a project, let me tell you. But it's been a while since we did anything major. This weekend we plan to take down wallpaper, get the trim up, and get primer on the walls. I'm so excited to finally have my little girl's room look more girly! And Seth gets off at noon today so we can get going on it! HOORAY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!

Rebecca loves these toy necklaces, she's always wearing a few of them, it's funny.

Rebecca would love for us to read to her all day long. She is getting so smart. She points to everything, and knows what the moon is, the fence, spoon, bib, trees, ball, lots of others. I love to read with her and am glad she loves books so much.
Now that the weather is getting cooler, I know Rebecca will miss BUS RIDES!!! She loves her little bus and even buzzes her lips as she rides. I just laugh. She is so dang cute!!!