Monday, October 26, 2009

Fabulous FALL!!!

What a beautiful time of year! The leaves are just beautiful right now, I love the fall. We went to a pumpkin patch here in town last week. Rebecca loved wearing her cat shirt and looking at all the pumpkin pies, as she calls them.
They had this cute little train there.

And a maze.

The leaves on our street are stunning! I love it when I turn up our street and just look all the way up at all the colors. Rebecca loves to ride her little bus across the street over to the fire hydrant. She's very interested in the fire hydrant for some reason. She feels like such a big girl getting off the driveway to ride her bus, going somewhere farther away.

She loves to crunch and stomp on the leaves. Then she'll pick a few up, along with some sticks and rocks, throw them in the seat of the bus, hop on and ride off again. It's so funny, the things she wants to save. That bus is so full of junk. :)

And, she's off!
We went on a hike last week, it was a beautiful view from the top. Rebecca loves to throw rocks in water.

Our front yard is FULL of leaves. SO FUN!!!

Seth's raking leaves up into the air. Rebecca is not sure what to think!

My handsome scout! Seth gave a talk at our nephew's Eagle court of honor.

I get together with my college roommates from Utah State every year. We had such a good time this past weekend. We talked and laughed all night long. I have such great friends. It was so good to see all of you!!! Too bad we don't live closer and see each other more often.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, here it is! Our finished bathroom. It is so nice, and it is wonderful to finally have a non-embarassing bathroom (it was terrible before) !!! So after 4 years this month of living in this house, our entire upstairs is completely remodeled. It's so nice to have it all done. I know in a few months Seth will get the remodeling itch again and it will be on to the basement.
Rebecca's enjoying bubble baths like a normal kid. No more quick showers for her!

We're enjoying any sunny days we can get!

We went to the fire station open house last night, Rebecca loves fire trucks!

We watched a puppet show about "Stop, Drop and Roll" and then she practiced it and got a prize.

My wonderful sister-in-law Whitney and my niece Olivia helping me with my massive project...the quilt. I think I will actually reach my goal of having it done by Christmas! It's looking great and I can't wait to see it finished. It's been fun to work on and learn how to sew.

Rebecca has some great conversations with the cows. My favorite was, "I eat you!"
Rhino ride with Grandpa and Brent!
I've started doing "school" with Rebecca most days and it's been so fun. Here we are learning about clouds.

We had a Princess party at our house a few weeks ago and the girls had so much fun eating yummy treats...


And making Princess crowns! What cute girls!!!
AND-it was my favorite day a few weeks ago...Shelley Potato Day!! I lovk forward to the celebration of the spud every year. Here I am eating my lovely free potato and chocolate milk with Rebecca. YUM!

Rebecca loves fire trucks, but they were a little loud, so she sat there like this.

Of course she had to dance whenever there was music

I'll bet these missionaries will never forget being in this parade!

The theme was "Potatoes on Masqerade" What a crack up! I loved it! Hooray for Idaho and the lovely Potato!