Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spoiled on Christmas!

Here is Rebecca with all her loot! What a fun Christmas we had together at home. We slept until 8:30, who knows how many more years we'll be able to get that much sleep! Here's Rebecca when she first came out and saw everything.
She grabbed her trunk of dress up clothes first and had to get herself all dressed up pretty. This has not stopped. She has got to be dressed up ALL THE TIME!! This is definitely one of her favorite presents.

And here is her other favorite...a car! She had to have Daddy put it together right after she opened it. And she was right there helping the whole time. She couldn't wait to have the steering wheel put in. It took about half an hour in the middle of our present opening, and she was so cute and happy to have her new car.

We went to visit cousins later that day.

Rebecca brought her new tea set and had a tea party with Emilee

Dressing up again.
Here is her other new Christmas dress that she wore to church today. Adorable.
Seth set up the swings from outside in our basement a few days ago, and the girls are soooooo happy about it! So am I, something different to do!

They were so excited for Christmas.
And now the year is over! It's been quite the year, I'm excited for 2010! Happy New Year, Everyone!

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Sarah Coyne said...

Cute and cute! Glad you all had a great Christmas!